Unity In Diversity

by agusnuramin

Source GoogleAs we already noticed in the past recent weeks, we have heard shocking news from our compatriots across the nation. Conflict in the name of religion has become somewhat a trending topic in some places. Interfaith friction might emerge from a mere social gap, selfishness of a certain group in defending their domination, and the lack of tolerance and respect towards fellow countrymen.

The fact is, since we were little, we had been taught about the basic foundation of human rights, the diversity of culture and religion, as well as social entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, as the time progresses, globalization and technological advancements have slowly undermined the paradigm.

That very issue has moved my heart as the young next generation to participate and contribute in reducing cases of religious conflict. We need to realize how important the lessons we have learned. Human rights, mutual understanding in religious diversity,  and social entrepreneurship are all crucial in our lives.

I have a strong courage that goes beyond swimming across the vast oceans, climbing to the top of Mount Everest, just to start a social movement. Our next generation in our beloved country should embrace the importance of tolerance.

I personally invite all of you to work together in synergy with the government, religious leaders, and the society in general to initiate a real action together. We need to make a different yet efficient approach in our society. We can start from gathering volunteers as delegation of education, collaborating in raising funds for victims of religious conflicts, joining non-profit organizations and freedom of religion supporter groups. The ultimate goal from this movement is to establish a peaceful world beyond interfaith differences. Together, we are one.